This Skyrim mod adds an 'immersive' login requirement

During QuakeCon, the original Doom trilogy was released on consoles and the first two appeared on iOS and Android. It was a nice surprise, except for the the additional surprise of an online requirement in strictly singleplayer ports. Players needed to make a account and log in to play, hopefully avoiding connection errors. Clearly this is a feature other Bethesda games need. One modder agrees and has added it to Skyrim. 

The Immersive Experience will ruin your game by trying—and failing—to connect to The exciting moment has been captured in the video above. It will never succeed and after five attempts will kick you back to the main menu. 

"In case it was unclear, this mod is a joke," says its creator, d3sim8. "Bethesda re-released DOOM/DOOM II and DOOM III in July 2019, and they required a connection to play. This was despite DOOM being 26 years old, and not including an online component (in this particular version)."

If you want to show your appreciation for the joke by downloading it, only use it with a new game. There's a vanilla version and a Skyrim Special Edition version

After facing a lot of criticism for it, Bethesda is planning to make connecting to optional. But we'll always have the Immersive Experience mod for Skyrim. 

Cheers, PCGamesN.


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