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This Sekiro mod turns Toy Story's Woody into a stone-cold killer

(Image credit: Activision/huckleberrypie)

Who better to take out a naughty samurai clan than Toy Story's diligent lawman, Sheriff Woody? Modder huckleberrypie has added the cowboy to Sekiro, finally allowing him to tap into all that rage that's surely built up after years of living with Tim Allen. 

There's no time for jokes or heartwarming moments in Sekiro, and Woody has no interest in quips, just killing and silently staring with those cold, dead eyes. All the better to watch the life bleed out of a man. He's got a taste for it now. Toy Story 5 is going to be messed up. 

Watch him slicing away at Owl Father in the video below:

If you want to put Woody in your game, you'll need to download the Sekiro Mod Engine as well as the mod itself, then copy the contents of the folder to your Sekiro mods directory. Fire up the game and you should have Woody instead of Wolf. 

I highly recommend downloading the Thomas the Snake Engine mod, too, as it complements Woody perfectly. It replaces the Great Serpent with, obviously, Thomas the Tank Engine, complete with manic whistling. It's a nightmare. Check out our list of the best Sekiro mods while you're at it.  

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