This PC has a built-in coffee maker

Usually if there's liquid in your PC, it's to cool down toasty components such as the processor and RAM. Zotac and Caseking had something else in mind, however, when the two companies collaborated on a custom PC that doubles as a coffee machine.

We spotted Zotac's Mek1 Nespresso at Gamescom and snapped the photo above. Originally we thought it might have been designed to transfer heat from the CPU (and maybe the GPU as well) to warm the coffee, but after doing a little digging, we found out that's not actually the case.

A few months ago, Caseking founder Ali Abbas posted a video explaining that there's an Nespresso machine tucked inside. The little flavored cups jam into the side of the chassis, and a short while later, delicious coffee flows from the spout in the front.

Now if only Zotac would make one that brews beer, as someone requests in the video below:

Paul Lilly

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