This new Shenmue 3 trailer shows a very wistful Ryo Hazuki

Ah, Shenmue 3 – the game that was announced two years ago but which we still haven't seen yet. Until now! Above is a very short teaser trailer, which shows what appears to be in-engine footage of Ryo and Shenhua being very wistful. 

The Kickstarter-funded instalment is at Gamescom right now, but it's a behind-closed-doors scenario and, most likely, this video is the most we'll see for a little while yet. But it's definitely very promising. "The first teaser of Shenmue III is built from a small slice of an in-development build of the game, and it delivers small peeks in new look of main characters, new characters, and feels of Shenmue world," reads the YouTube description.

The trailer coincides with last week's announcement that Deep Silver will publish the game, which is still expected to release some time late next year.

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Shaun Prescott

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