This month's PC Gamer Club Legendary game is King of Dragon Pass

Every month, PC Gamer Club Legendary members get a new game key in their inbox. Thanks to our partners at Fanatical, we're excited to announce that the latest game on the way is the remastered 1999 classic, King of Dragon Pass.

This strategy, management, and role-playing game features hand-painted artwork and 'nearly 600 interactive scenes' that play out as you rule your clan through war and peace. It's a strategy classic, and a great piece of PC gaming history to own.

Current Legendary members should have received their keys by email already (check your spam folder if you don't see the email). If you're not a member, check out all the benefits of joining here. Aside from game keys every month, you'll get an ad-free site, a digital magazine subscription, access to our members-only Discord channel, beta codes whenever we have the opportunity, and much more. 

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