This modder is recreating the entirety of World of Warcraft in Skyrim

Both Skyrim and World of Warcraft are some of the most beloved RPGs of all time, so it only makes sense that someone would be crazy enough to try and combine them. That's exactly what modder 'Fled1' is doing with "Azeroth in Skyrim - Unofficial Warcraft Expansion," a work-in-progress mod that aims to recreate the entirety of Azeroth inside of Skyrim.

Originally, Azeroth in Skyrim was a mod created back in 2012 by two modders known as Hellscreamy and Celsiuz, but they abandoned the project a few years later. It seemed the dream was dead until yesterday when Fled1 released a new update to the mod that features a ton of improvements, like the addition of Westfall and Scholomance. "I've got to the stage where I feel this is a pretty substantial upgrade on the previous version 0.1 and felt it should probably now be available for you to download and try," Fled1 writes.

The work speaks for itself. While this is still a far cry from being close to resembling Warcraft's aesthetic, I only had to take one look at this screenshot to immediately recognize the golden fields of Westfall. Realistically, it's going to take Fled1 years to even create a rough approximation of Azeroth—it's an enormous amount of territory to build—but I love that they're continuing work on a project that would be dead otherwise.

If you want to see the older version of Azeroth in Skyrim in action, check out this YouTube video of someone jogging around Stormwind City. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, head over to Azeroth in Skyrim's Nexus Mods page and try it out.

Steven Messner

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