This Meta Quest 2 Prime Day deal bundle might finally convince me to get into VR

Prime day Meta Quest bundle deal with gift card.
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We weren't expecting loads of Amazon Prime Day VR headset deals, but we did spot this Meta Quest 2 deal bundle, complete with a free $25 Amazon Gift card. That means once I'm finished experiencing the wonders of virtual reality for the day, I can shift over to Amazon for a shopping sesh.

Of course, the main attraction is the 128GB Meta Quest 2 (previously known as the Oculus Quest 2), which is already a great price for a VR headset even without a free gift card included. It's still owning the top spot on our best VR headset guide for just that reason, as well as the fact the refresh rate now goes up to 120Hz, and thanks to its decent resolution per eye.

It is worth noting that the Meta Quest 2's resolution per eye is lower than previously stated, however.

One thing we're especially glad of is that Meta is finally moving away from the necessity to sign in with Facebook to access the Quest 2's features, though you will instead have to create and log in with a Meta account. Great, more passwords for me to remember. Still, this deal might finally give me an excuse to splash out on a VR headset without feeling too guilty about it.

Plus, the inclusion of a gift card in the bundle means I could nab some cool tech for myself—or a loved one—and at the same time score some free spending money for that person in my life who's super hard to buy for. They can get whatever they want with a gift card, job done. 

Of course, there's always the option to put that extra $25 gift card toward a Quest 2 Elite Strap. It's a complete game changer according to our Jacob, and certainly one that's worth thinking about if you plan to spend large amounts of time in VR.

Meta Quest 2 & $25 Amazon gift card | 128GB | 1832 x 1920 | 120Hz | $324 $299 at Amazon (save $25)

Meta Quest 2 & $25 Amazon gift card | 128GB | 1832 x 1920 | 120Hz | $324 $299 at Amazon (save $25)
The Meta Quest 2 sits at the top of our best VR headset guide for good reason. It's a light, all in one piece of kit with a good amount of storage for games, and we considered it great value for money, even before the deal bundle came about.

Quest 2 Elite Strap | $49 $28 at Amazon (save $21)

Quest 2 Elite Strap | $49 $28 at Amazon (save $21)
The Quest 2 is the best VR headset, because of its ease of setup and impressive fidelity for the money. But its original strap is real bad. This Elite strap, however, is a game changer, and makes for a far more comfortable long term experience. I couldn't get into Half-Life: Alyx without it.

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