This itty bitty toaster is the perfect place to store your SD cards

SD Card toaster
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We always try to keep our desks tidy, but at some point you're probably gonna have a couple of SD cards sitting around on your desk just asking to be misplaced or eaten by one of your cats. But what if there was a place to keep them that was both super cute and honored your love of toast?

TikTok user r0cc0336 used their 3D printing skills to solve this very specific problem. r0cc0336 produced a number of wee little SD card holders in the shape of a toaster. Stuff in a pair of SD cards and the working lever will pop them like a couple of slices of well-done toast. 

I know you're thinking, "Wow, cool, but what about microSD or Nintendo Switch games?" Well, no worries, there's a toaster for them on the channel, too, as well as something called a Torture Toaster (which sounds pretty freaking metal) and some other really neat designs. 

Personally, I'm a fan of the articulating skull on their page. And the drill bit holder that looks like a pair of dentures. Unfortunately none of r0cc0336's 3D creations are for sale, but according to the comments, a giveaway for followers might happen. The best part about his page is that he usually links to the CAD files of his creations in the comments, so if you own a 3D printer you don't need to buy anything: you can print your own. 

As 3D printing becomes more affordable, more people have gotten into the action, and it's great to see what sort of wild things you can print from your home. For at least $200 you can order yourself a pretty decent 3D printer and start printing out your own SD card toasters, Warhammer figurines, or even a Steam Deck shell. If you want to be a fancy pants, Anker (yeah, the portable charger company) is making a really cool high-end 3D printer that's coming soon for $800. It'll let you print goodies straight from an app on your phone, which is pretty nifty. 


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