This GTA 5 Oppressor bike skydiving stunt is all kinds of awesome

I've hardly hidden my admiration for Grand Theft Auto 5 stunt performer Ash Skyqueen in the past, but her stunts never fail to surprise me. She's been messing around with machinima creation of late however, as you can see below, she's clearly not lost her knack for stunting in the interim.

Best known for her Mount Chiliad pylon and Liquor Hole skydiving ventures, Ash's latest combines the latter with some impressive swirling and swooping atop an Oppressor custom sports bike. Look, see:

As if Ash's Opressor skyscraper glances and crane junction ducking weren't extraordinary enough, topping the performance off with a variation of her Liquor Hole finish—the history of which we covered over here—is top drawer. 

Catch more of Ash's work via her YouTube channel, and read about the spectacular feats of the Grand Theft Auto stunt scene by way of that there link.