This Gotham Knights update is 9GB and we don't know why

Gotham Knights' Nightwing
(Image credit: Tyler C. / WB Games Montreal)

There's a new patch for Gotham Knights, and though there's still no fix for the framerate issue, there are a handful of squashed bugs. The bad news is that, for some reason, it's a 9GB update for what Steam is classifying as a "small update."

There are a total of 14 fixes included in the patch notes on Steam: 10 general fixes and four stability-specific ones. Some of them seem to be less of an actual fix and more general backend tweaks, like one that changes the executable file name to "GothamKnights.exe." The patch also boasts "GPU optimisation for low and medium quality presets," fixes for some unspecified UI bugs, and a "redesigned" backup save system. Those who make use of Nvidia's Freestyle reshade should finally be able to do so, too.

The patch should be bringing cars back down to regular gravity levels and should no longer randomly float. Our Knights should be able to tackle stealth a little more effectively now too, as they should no longer leap forward after dropping down from a ledge or beam. 

Mercifully, this update should finally stop the game from crashing whenever you attempt to join a friend's game on Steam. Coupled with "server-side updates to help address co-op connection stability," playing with your pals should be a much smoother experience now. More crash fixes include the game no longer crapping itself when trying to dismantle currently equipped gear and some unspecified "additional crash fixes."

It's certainly a decent chunk of storage for a "small update," and it's frustrating to see that there's still no fix for the stuttering and frame drops that plague the game. It's been a bit of a rough launch for Robin, Batgirl and the gang. Tyler Colp gave the game a 49 in his Gotham Knights review, noting the steep performance issues and finding it paled in comparison to the Arkham games before it. 

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