This Elite player made an amazing galactic sightseeing guide

(Image credit: Frontier)

The problem with space is that it's massive. Elite Dangerous may 'only' be set in one of the 125 billion galaxies in the observable universe, but in the 6 years the game has existed, players have explored just 0.042% of the Milky Way. For fans of large numbers, that's 112,863,791 star systems.

All this space is a problem for a would-be galactic sightseer, because there's a whole lotta nothin' out there. Go system hopping in Elite and you're likely to find a lot of pretty, but ultimately quite samey, planets. Which is where this guide by Elite subreddit regular elitefanprogram comes in handy.

(Image credit: elitefanprogram)

This huge, lovingly constructed chart is like a space tourism bucket list, guiding players towards points of interest in the galaxy. These include merging stars, derelict ships, ancient probes, sextenary star systems, vividly coloured gas giants, and more besides. It's a remarkable collection of man-made objects and cosmic phenomena, which your Asp will look great in front of.

Making this thing must have taken ages, so respect for that. I also like how it's been designed with the proper Elite fonts and colours, making it feel like something Frontier could have produced. And if you want more of this kind of thing, elitefanprogram has also created a chart listing useful tools and resources and a stylish subway-style map of the core systems.

Andy Kelly

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