This Destiny 2 glitch enables you to double dip on seasonal artifact mods

Whilst anxiously prepping for my first Garden of Salvation raid run this weekend, I came across this video titled 'Broken Builds' from Ehroar, who's one of the best Destiny 2 content creators around. In it, he explains how—using a simple-to-activate glitch—you're able to double-dip on some of the most powerful armor mods from Shadowkeep's seasonal artifact.

Here's how it works…

Step 1: Choose which slot you plan to do the glitch in, and equip a fresh piece of armour which has no mods. You can easily acquire new armour from any of the original planetary vendors for this purpose.

Step 2: With the fresh armour still equipped, access the piece of armour you want to apply double mods to, and rather than seeing the 'similar mod already applied' message, you should now be able to slot two copies of the same seasonal artifact mod.

Step 3: Profit

As Ehroar shows in the video, the effect of mods like Breach Refractor and Ballistic Combo do stack when you have two copies applied in the same piece of armour. Note that you still won't be able to apply two copies of some mods. For instance, Oppressive Darkness costs six energy, and the energy capacity of armor pieces is 10 total.

Nonetheless, there's potential for some spicy builds until Bungie gets around to patching the glitch (which it hasn't, as of today's weekly reset). 

For example: I have Anti-Barrier Rounds on my Recluse, and have combined that with two copies of Breach Refractor on my chest piece. Breach Refractor grants grenade energy when you kill enemies with a shield-piercing weapon, which once doubled provides a substantial payoff. Given how good grenades are in Shadowkeep when you synergise with stuff like top tree Voidwalker and the aforementioned Oppressive Darkness mod, there's a ton of fun to be had here while the glitch lasts.

Pictorial proof of the two mods being applied can be found below. I'm happy (read: eager) to talk builds in the comments below. Or you could go further and join the PC Gamer Destiny 2 clan. We're onto our third and final clan now, so the remaining spaces are limited.

(Image credit: Bungie)
Tim Clark

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