This debuff in Remnant 2 keeps catching players off guard by making them rip out their friends' throats

A beheader enemy from Remnant 2 polishes its axe in the realm of Fae.
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I'm never going to stop learning new things about Remnant 2—I've played through one of its worlds, Losomn, about three different times on three different playthroughs. I've still never encountered this event, and if I played through it solo, I might never have spotted this hilarious interaction.

For those new to Remnant 2, each playthrough is technically unique, with a mosaic of procedurally-arranged story beats and encounters to blast through. You'll eventually come to recognise all of them, sure, but it still makes for an experience with plenty of surprises. For example, there's a debuff that makes you do this when you try to revive a teammate:

Note to self: don't try to revive teammates while you're ravenous from r/remnantgame

The debuff, called Ravenous, is unique to "The Feast" event, which has a chance of showing up in The Great Hall of Losomn. It's slapped onto your character when you hold up a quest item called the Ravenous Medallion—also found in The Great Hall—to a specific door. Eating the food starts an event where you need to gun down waves of bad guys while the debuff eats away your health.

This'd be cool on its own, but as shown above: trying to revive your friend in co-op with this debuff results in you going full vampire, tearing out their throat your teeth. In the same post—created by Reddit user kefefs_v2—players have been sharing their own experiences with this nasty case of the munchies.

"I did the same thing," writes user LordNoct13. "It was hilarious. Neither of us knew what happened." MysticDomo also fondly recalls an accidental gnawing from their first playthrough with a friend: "I did that when the game came out. My friend was yelling at me and I was laughing my ass off."

The cherry on top? You need to do this to unlock the "Glutton" trait, and it's actually pretty useful for a lot of builds, speeding up your relic use by up to 30%. Your relic is your healing item, but there are some variants which give different benefits, such as generating "mod power" to fuel unique weapon abilities.

If you're relying on your relic to kick-start your build's engine, you'll want to pay a visit to The Great Hall, and you'll need to bring a friend along. Just make sure you've got a lie prepared when they ask you 'hey, what's with the bib?'

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