This attractive mid-tower case from EVGA is on sale for $87

EVGA's DG-76 case in 'alpine white' is on sale for $87
A great option for building a white-themed PC. (Image credit: EVGA)

The less money you spend on a PC case, the more of your budget can applied be to components that directly impact gaming, like the GPU and CPU. At the same time, you don't want to skimp too much—you could end up with a case that is hard to build in, or even worse, offers poor airflow. EVGA's DG-76 doesn't suffer from those shortfalls, and is also affordable with this deal.

Newegg has it marked down to $79.99 right now, plus $6.99 for shipping. The MSRP on this case is $149.99, and the next lowest price outside of Newegg is $119.99 on Amazon. So, you're essentially saving around $33 with Newegg's discount.

EVGA DG-76 Alpine White Case | Mid-Tower | $86.98 (save ~$33)

EVGA DG-76 Alpine White Case | Mid-Tower | $86.98 (save ~$33)
The DG-76 is an affordable mid-tower with a tempered glass side window and a built-in RGB light controller. It's relatively easy to build in, comes with three cooling fans, and is backed by a three-year warranty.

I've built a PC inside the DG-77, which is similar to the DG-76 offered here—as EVGA notes on Twitter, the main differences are the DG-76 lacks a vertical GPU upgrade kit and a 'K-Boost' overclocking button. It also comes with three fans instead of four.

Building inside the DG-76 is easy enough. My only gripe is that installing fans in the top of the case can be a little tricky compared to some enclosures. But like most things, a little patience and attention to detail go a long way.

The DG-76 in 'alpine white' is a good option for building a white-themed PC, or you could go for a tuxedo look with black and white parts. As for the unmistakable 'DG-76' branding, those are actually stickers that you don't need to plaster on the side of the case.

Other features here include a tempered side glass window to show off your build, RGB lighting with a built-in controller, and removable air filters.

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