This all-in-one CPU liquid cooler with a 240mm radiator is a steal at just $36

This all-in-one CPU liquid cooler with a 240mm radiator is a steal at just $36
There's a mail-in-rebate to fuss with, but even without it, you can get this cooler for a low price. (Image credit: Enermax)

In the land of all-in-one liquid coolers, Enermax's Liqmax III RGB 240 is currently one of the better values, you just have to jump through a mail-in-rebate hoop. Even if you are not willing to do that, there is still reason to consider this cooler.

Normally priced at $69.99, Newegg is offering a 20 percent discount with coupon code EMCETSY54. That brings the tally down to $55.99, which is a good price for an AIO cooler with a 240mm radiator and copious RGB lighting. On top of that, there is a $20 mail-in-rebate available. Cash that in and you will have paid just $35.99 for this cooler. That's a steal.

A cool bargain

Enermax Liqmax III RGB 240 Liquid Cooler | $69.99 $35.99 at Newegg (save $34)
Use coupon code EMCETSY54 to knock 20 percent off the list price, then submit the $20 mail-in-rebate to sweeten the deal. Even without the latter, however, this is a solid bargain for a 240mm liquid cooler with RGB lighting.

It's also less than half the price of EVGA's CLC 240, one of the best CPU coolers that offers liquid cooling at an affordable price.

We have not tested this model, but there are some intriguing factors at play. One of them is a patented dual-chamber design for the water block, which is intended to isolate the pump from heat to prolong its lifetime (Enermax backs the cooler with a five-year warranty).

Enermax also points to another patented technology, that being its shunt channel design on the cold plate. According to Enermax, this allows the cooler to inject coolant at the hottest part of the cold plate to better handle heat surges when stressing the CPU. It also shortens the flow path of the coolant to transfer heat faster.

Both the fans and pump assembly feature addressable RGB lighting. As for platform support, it comes with the necessary hardware to mount the cooler to all modern CPU sockets from both AMD and Intel.

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