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This Alien: Isolation mod fills the space station with xenomorphs

(Image credit: Sega)

Like the original movie, Alien: Isolation does a lot with a single monster that we're only exposed to in brief, terrifying moments before we run off and hide. Apparently some people think that's a walk in the park, though, and now a modder is catering to them by filling Sevastopol with more xenomorph chums. 

Modder Matt Flier's Aliens: Isolation mod, as the extra 's' implies, will pit you against a horde of alien nasties, but unlike the second movie you won't be accompanied by a bunch of gun-toting marines helpfully willing to die in your place. 

Aliens: Isolation is still in development, so you can't experience the nightmare quite yet, but you can take a look at the short preview video below.  

I found it stressful enough hiding from one xenomorph, so a whole hive of them is probably too much for my frayed nerves. Unlike Aliens, where an increase in action and decrease in tension accompanied the additional xenomorphs, Aliens: Isolation remains a survival horror romp, and just one of them spotting you will still be very bad news. 

Seeing them all just hanging around a flare, utterly fascinated, does make them a bit less menacing and more like a bunch of big doofuses, though, right up until the moment one of them turns around and clocks its next victim. 

More details on Aliens: Isolation will be revealed soon.

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