These sick Gundam keyboards eschew RGB in favor of vibrant '90s mecha prints

close up view of mobile suit gundam keycaps
(Image credit: Higround)

Peripherals manufacturer Higround has revealed a collaboration with Bandai Namco to produce a Gundam-themed line of mechanical keyboards and accessories. They will be available for purchase starting December 9.

You may remember Higround for its rad Sonic the Hedgehog collection, and the Gundam swag is similarly eye-catching. The Summit 65 case has a clean, all-white look, but I'm actually way more taken with the cheaper Basecamp 65 model⁠—both variations of the Gundam Basecamp case feature my one consumer electronics design weakness, translucent plastic.

On the keycap front, the set with the more zoomed-out, full body image is the clear winner in my book, though all of the sets boast a "best of both worlds" design when it comes to function and aesthetics. Blank keycaps are hard to type with, after all, so Higround's offerings have side-print legends for when you need to cheat.

I'm also quite happy with what's going on under the keycaps. Mechanical switch choice can be a very personal matter, but I definitely appreciate Higround's use of custom switches in both boards. In my experience, more nonsensical names are indicators of quality in the keyboard switch world, and the "Thin Ice" and "White Flame" linear switches offered by Higround in this collection are right at home among the "Holy Pandas" and "Gateron Oil Kings" of the world.

The collection also includes desk mats and a tote bag, and I'm a big fan of the all-black mousepad. The art of the mobile suits has that kind of fuzzy look like it was ripped straight from a Toonami broadcast in the early 2000s, and the accessories are probably going to be your more wallet-friendly options among this spread.

Pricing is likely in line with Higround's previous offerings, with Basecamp boards going for $145 and the Summit 65 commanding $290. The Basecamps and other accessories go on sale December 9, with the Summit 65 being available for pre-order then, and you can sign up for a first crack at the collection on Higround's website.

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