These handcrafted wood maps of video game worlds are excellent

(Image credit: OriginArtwork)

There's nothing like a great fantasy world map. Just gazing at the mountains, rivers, towns, castles, and dotted-line roads can be like taking a little vacation to a distant world, whether it's in the opening pages of a fantasy novel or the map screen of a game.

You can put that experience on your wall, too. The talented folks at Origin Artwork on Etsy, who I discovered via Reddit today, make 3D wooden maps of locations both fantastical and real. That includes maps of Skyrim, Hyrule, Westeros, and Los Santos, all of which are wonderfully detailed and ready for mounting on your wall or keeping on your desk (some are quite small) so you can stare at them when you need a break from reality. Check out some images of Skyrim below:

There are some really nice maps of real places, too, including Lake Tahoe, the San Diego Bay, and The Great Lakes. They do custom requests as well. The maps come in different sizes: for instance, the Skyrim map runs the gamut from 8x10 inches ($130) to 16x20 ($250). 

I think these would make a great gift for any fan of fantasy, games, or even just cool maps, especially if they have a birthday coming up (mine is in less then a month, just to put that out there). Check out Origin Artwork on Etsy to see their stock.

Christopher Livingston
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