There are only five days left to vote in the Golden Joysticks

Pillars Of Eternity Key Art

The final week of Golden Joysticks voting is upon us! This is your last chance to vote and affect the outcome of this year's prestigious event. There are 22 categories packed with the year's best games. Loads of them are PC games, and the PC has a category all to itself. You can even vote for Steam as best platform for the full sweep. To get started, click through the link to the voting page. You can grab a copy of Bioshock Infinite for £1 / $1 while you're at it.

Golden Joysticks voting page.

We've been arguing the toss for the PC category in the office. Should Alien: Isolation beat Kerbal Space Program? How about Her Story or Pillars of Eternity for best narrative? Follow our arguments here. Voting closes on Friday ahead of the full award ceremony on October 30.


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