There’s going to be a $200 Super Star Destroyer 'miniature' that is bigger than my head

Tabletop game Star Wars: Armada has a huge release coming early next year, and not huge like significant to the game, huge as in literally very large. Armada is going to get a Super Star Destroyer 'miniature.' If you don't recall, this is Darth Vader's gigantic flagship from Return of the Jedi. It is over two feet long (More than 24 inches, 70 centimeters, etc), and it should be, because it’s going to retail for $199. It will be the largest single figure that Fantasy Flight Games has ever made. 

Just look at it, it’s as big as that man’s backpack.

In terms of the actual game, it’s definitely a pretty huge power jump for the Empire faction. Where most ships have four arcs of fire, it has six. Where most ships get one of two benefits each round from commands they were given, it gets both. Where most ships must act as soon as their turn is up, it can pass, forcing opponents to act while it waits. Where most ships can only fire once, maybe twice a round with a special power, the Star Dreadnought gets to fire three times.

It is a model so large it requires two of Armada's largest bases to stand up, presumably because the cost of molding a new giant base just for this would have made it $249.99 instead of $199.99. 

Honestly, I think my favorite thing about this 'miniature' is that it’s not even to scale with the rest of the game. Following Star Wars canon, a Super Star Destroyer should actually be bigger.

Fantasy Flight says the Super Star Destroyer is only one of a new class of huge ships, though I have no idea what else they’d make. Maybe one day we’ll get a Death Star the size of a Volkswagen Golf.

You can read more on Fantasy Flight Games’ website. 

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.