There's an HD texture pack mod for Shenmue I & 2

Dreamcast classics Shenmue I & II were finally released on PC this month, and in his review Andy wrote: "This solid PC version is, happily, incredibly faithful to the source material. I’m glad Sega chose not to dramatically overhaul the visuals, because they’re a vital part of the game’s distinct character. But it has been prettied up a little, with a crisp HD interface, anti-aliasing, and some bloom lighting."

If you would like to overhaul those visuals though, prettying things up even more, modders are already here for you. Drogean, who was also responsible for one of our favorite Stardew Valley mods, has created this HD environmental texture overhaul. So far it's mostly roads and grass that have been improved, and you can see a comparison here. Drogean also has a mod for giving Ryo a sweet HD leather jacket, and another one that transforms the drink machines from generic soda dispensers to branded Coca-Cola machines like they were in the original version. To install any of these you'll first need to grab Special K's texture filtering fixes.

Thanks, DSOG.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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