There's a Minecraft campaign coming for Left 4 Dead 2

l4minecraft thumb

Michael Louisseize has made a Minecraft map. Nothing amazing there though, right? I see more Minecraft maps than I see exploding people in computerised entertainment devices. BUT WAIT.

Yep, he's made it in L4D2, and he's made that lovely poster to go with it. It's intended as a 4-level campaign with above and below ground levels, and the first one is pretty much done:

When he's done with them, he'll be running screaming through them with some familiar industry names:

  • Left 4 Dead maestro and funny guy Chet Faliszek ,
  • God of War creator and actual God of War David Jaffe ,
  • and Minecraft craftsman Markus Persson .

Michael Louisseize owns and runs World of Minecraft , a massive community of Minecraft servers that supply their own Minecraft client wrapper for use with their servers.