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There's a Doom Eternal mural going up on the Hotel Figueroa and it looks dope as hell

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It's not uncommon for the Figueroa Hotel to get a makeover in the leadup to E3. In previous years it's been used to advertise Gwent, Grand Theft Auto 5, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Skyrim. Last year it was repainted with a Fallout 76 theme, but let's hope that hasn't cursed it or anything because this year it's being repainted in honor of the new Doom game.

We know that Doom Eternal is going to feature plenty more demons to fight and this gives us an early glimpse of some of them (is that a new Arch-Vile?) but since the mural's incomplete we'll have to wait and see. The official Doom Twitter account has been posting updates so keep an eye on that.

If you've ever been curious how these multi-storey advertisements get made, here's an interesting little video about the process.

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