The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hits E3 with hundred foot tall poster

Skyrim poster

Nothing announces the coming of E3 better than a 12 storey tall image of a screaming barbarian. This year's most monstrous E3 marketing award seems destined to go to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for this enormous image, glued to the side of the Figueroa Hotel in LA. Imagine you're someone who doesn't know anything about games, getting out of a taxi after a long journey to LA to see this angry man towering over you. The image was spotted by VG247 . You can see a much larger version below.

With a poster that size outside, you can bet there will be plenty of Skyrim being shown off indoors next week at the E3 conference. We'll bring you all the latest here on Meanwhile, don't forget to let us know your most anticipated games of E3 this year before the show starts. You can see the scene the image below is taken from in the first Skyrim trailer , in which the man beats down a dragon and steals its soul. We can't wait to get to do that in-game.

Tom Senior

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