There might be another Valkyria Chronicles game

Valkryia 2

Sega Games have logged a trademark for what's bound to be another Valkyria Chronicles game, as reported by Hachima Kikou (via Gematsu). The actual trademark is for “Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria,”, which apparently means “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution” in English. As with all these things, the studio could just be covering their bases—although it's been a good indicator in the past.

Naturally there's no information as to whether we'll see a PC release. The original port was well received. It was even Tom's favourite game from last year. All of which bodes well for the chance of us getting our hands on it, provided it's not another PSP release like Valkyria Chronicles II and III. Still, the new subtitle suggests that it'll be a bigger instalment in the series.

I'll admit to never finishing Valkyria Chronicles, despite enjoying the time I spent with it. It's greatest strength and biggest flaw is being a lot like XCOM: as good as it is, it doesn't quite nail the formula as well. I ended up putting it down and starting another XCOM playthrough.

Valkyria is still a good option If you want a break from splattering Sectoids to shoot some WW2 tanks instead. It might even be enough to tide you over until XCOM 2.