Telltale's Fables adaptation named The Wolf Among Us, releases this summer

The Wolf Among Us

Back in 2011, Telltale revealed it's working on an adaptation of Fables , the DC Comics series of fairy tale characters surviving in the modern world. As IGN reports today, Telltale's next adventure is now named The Wolf Among Us and will launch this summer.

Taking place as a canon prequel to the events of the comics, The Wolf Among Us follows Bigby Wolf, a humanized Big Bad Wolf scraping a living in New York City as a grim-faced detective. In the comics, Wolf can shapeshift between forms at will, wield his "huff and puff" wind power, and smoke a pack of cigarettes faster than you can say "lupine."

It'll be interesting to see how Wolf's abilities factor into Among Us' adventure framework, especially since its plot involves Wolf trying to keep other fairytale Big Apple citizens from drawing too much attention to themselves. I'd say that might become tricky if he accidentally topples over an apartment building by sneezing too hard or something. Still, Telltale tackling another episodic series is a thumbs-up all around given its successful first season of The Walking Dead.

Omri Petitte

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