Extra Telltale announcements

Walking Dead promo image

Surprise! ( Or not .) Telltale confirmed that it's working on a Walking Dead episodic adventure game based on the comic (which is also the basis for the hit AMC TV show). Telltale says it won't be an action game about shooting zombies - like the source material, it'll be more of a human drama about survival.

Here's one that was kept under wraps a little better: Telltale's making a game based on Fables , the DC comic that retells classic fairy tales in dark, contemporary settings.

One more: Hector: Badge of Carnage is coming to PC. It's a port of an existing iPhone game about a crude Irish detective. Telltale, a big believer in putting games on every platform under the sun, has partnered with the developer to bring the first episode and future games to the PC (Telltale now owns the character).


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