The Witcher season 2 is resuming production on August 17

(Image credit: Netflix)

Geralt's getting back into the monster-hunting racket after a long break. Netflix's The Witcher season 2 was paused after the coronavirus hit the UK, but with country now easing restrictions, studios are opening their doors again, including Arborfield Studios, where The Witcher is filmed. 

Plans to reopen the studio started earlier in the month, and Henry Cavill teased his impending return to work with a gym selfie. Now we've got a date: August 17. 

Netflix made the announcement on Twitter with a not-quite-canon poem from Jaskier, which you can read below. 

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By the time production resumes, it will have been suspended for five months. Season 2 wasn't expected until 2021, though presumably it will now later in the year than Netflix had initially planned. There's no word on a release date yet. 

The first season aired in December, which now feels so long ago that I can barely remember it. I watched the finale in someone else's house. I gushed about it in the pub. What weird concepts! Maybe it's time for a rewatch and I'll just get people to join me on Zoom. 

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