The Walking Dead Season 2 gets third episode next week

I haven't played Telltale's Walking Dead games, but I do know that they don't feature Andrea, Michonne, The Governor's laboured Southern accent, or klutsy idiot T-Dog from the wildly varying TV show, so by comparison they should be pretty good. Pretty soon I'll have one more entry in the series to eventually play through, as Episode 3 of Season 2 has just been given a release date of...blimey, next week. That makes it a wait of just a month and a bit since the arrival of Episode 2, which must be some sort of record for the developers of almost every episodic game in existence. Season 2 Episode 3 is entitled 'In Harm's Way', and sees the gang ditching the whole zombie apocalypse to go on a wine appreciation holiday in the Algarve. Sorry, I've got my notes mixed up again. Oh, I see - yet more terrible things await Clementine and co.

May 13th. That's the date to write on your friend's forehead with a permanent marker pen, although of course you shouldn't do that at all. May 13th, according to my computer's calendar, is a Tuesday, which means we only have 3 days to wait. If you've not finished Episode 2 yet, you should probably go and do that now.

Here's a probably quite spoilery trailer:

Tom Sykes

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