The Walking Dead: 400 Days announced, adds an extra episode to season 1

The Walking Dead's first season may be over, but that doesn't stop Telltale from retroactively adding to it like more talented, and less crazy, George Lucases (or is it George Lucasi?) Teased over the past week, it turns out 400 Days is a DLC episode that will bridge the gap between the first and second season of Telltale's zombie epic, telltaleing the stories of five new characters, who will presumably show up in the next season in some manner or other. Teaser trailer below.

So - five stories, five characters, one dude that looks a bit like The Dude. According to the PlayStation blog (the game was announced during Sony's E3 presentation), "This special episode will allow you to choose a character and play through each of their stories in any order, which are all centered around a truck stop on a Georgia highway. Some decisions you may have made in Season One will affect moments of 400 Days, and while we don't want to give away too much yet, we will say that your decisions in 400 Days will echo into future installments of the series."

I haven't played much of the series, so feel free to pore over the trailer for clues about the second season - I have a feeling they're lurking in there somewhere. There's no date yet, but 400 Days is "coming soon".

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