The Town of Light gets February 2016 release date

The Town of Light

Italian developer's first game is the intriguing The Town of Light, a first-person adventure/horror set in the very real Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. The Italian facility was shut down in the 1970s, but you're poking around in it now, something that's bound to end well for you, I reckon. The game was originally due late this year, but it's just been postponed to February 26 2016, "to ensure the delivery of the initial team vision for the story and gameplay". (That's from the press release.)

I can't think of a better reason to delay a game, and I'm sure we all have too many games to be getting on with over the next few weeks anyway. With the news comes a new trailer, below, plus a bit of story info.

The Town of Light puts you in the role of a girl with mental illness symptoms, Renée, who the press release describes as both "fictional" and "imaginary". By that, I don't think they mean that she's a figment of someone's imagination, but rather that she's a fictional character inserted into the real-world setting of Volterra Asylum. That asylum has seemingly been authentically modelled by LKA, with previous media showing just how close it appears to match up to the real thing.

From now until launch, LKA will release bi-weekly diary entries shedding some light on Renée's story. Keep an eye on the official site for those.

Tom Sykes

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