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The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna DLC is out now


A new expansion has been released for brain-bending philosophy-'em-up The Talos Principle. It's called Road to Gehenna, and it follows Elohim's messenger Uriel as he journeys through four new worlds. It is likely to be just the ticket for anyone looking to dismantle more fans, place more jamming devices and redirect more lasers.

Can you solve the puzzle of how to watch this trailer? I have faith that you can.

The Talos Principle was really good, so I'm glad to see there's more of it now available. It sounds like a sizeable amount of new content, too. That's reflected in the £11/$15 price tag, although you can currently get Road to Gehenna for 10% off until July 30.

Is it any good, though? We should have a review up tomorrow—just as soon as Chris's head has stopped hurting.

Phil Savage
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