The Surge 2's new Gamescom trailer shows off ducking, dodging, and more

The Surge 2, now just about a month away from release, is the latest of Deck13's attempts to emulate the Dark Souls formula. We gave Lords of the Fallen and The Surge credit for their attempts to live up to their inspiration, but both fell notably short. Perhaps the third time will be the charm. 

In a new gameplay overview for The Surge 2 shown at Inside Xbox, we got a look at what we can expect from combat.

As with the first Surge game, you'll be able to target specific body parts on enemies. You'll also be able to execute finishing moves that amputate limbs or cut enemies entirely in half. More than just a flesh wound, probably. 

The trailer details a number of other features, old and new, including armor set bonuses, implants and injectables that provide passive and active bonuses, an upgradable combat drone companion, and 80 weapons of nine different types.

The Surge 2 will be bringing back precise combat controls such as ducking, hopping, and directional parrying. 

Although we found it all a bit fiddly in The Surge, there's hope that hopping over attacks and ducking beneath them will allow for skilled players to really show off in combat. As for blocking, you can use a standard block or, to build up more energy, a directional parry that can stagger even large enemies. 

The trailer also mentions asynchronous multiplayer features like graffiti that can be seen by other players and Revenge Enemies that are more powerful after killing another player in their own world. 

The Surge 2 releases on September 24th and you can find it on Steam now.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

Lauren started writing for PC Gamer as a freelancer in 2017 while chasing the Dark Souls fashion police and accepted her role as Associate Editor and Chief Minecraft Liker in 2021. She originally started her career in game development and is still fascinated by how games tick in the modding and speedrunning scenes. She likes long books, longer RPGs, multiplayer cryptids, and can't stop playing co-op crafting games.