The Steam Lunar New Year Sale will reportedly return in February

You may recall that a couple of years ago, Steam followed up its big Winter Sale with a Lunar New Year Sale in early February. It didn't happen in 2017 for some reason, but if the word out of Steam Database is correct, it'll be coming back for 2018 in just a few weeks. 

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That's a shorter run than most Steam sales, although it's not too far off of the most recent Halloween and Autumn Sales, which lasted a week each. And while the report obviously isn't confirmed at this point, it's fair to sale that Steam sales just don't happen these days without the dates being leaked well in advance.   

Steam Direct, by the way, is the replacement for Steam Greenlight that Valve rolled out last summer. Simplistically, it enables pretty much anyone will to drop 100 bucks to be a Steam developer, which is extremely accessible and convenient, but not necessarily the most secure system ever devised.

Unconfirmed though it may be, the leak is still a sufficient excuse to indulge in my favorite thing about Steam sales. I will never get tired of these. (Take note: Game of Thrones spoilers within. Conduct yourselves accordingly.)

Andy Chalk

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