The Stanley Parable HD goes for the Greenlight (but does Steam have a choice about it?)

There's a bit of an argument going on behind the scenes at the moment between myself and Martin over whether The Stanley Parable is 'a tediously sophomoric and wholly unsubtle satire of player agency' or whether he, Martin, has 'no soul'. As the boss, officially he wins. But as I'm writing this , I choose to cheer whole-heartedly that one of my favourite mods in years looks set for bigger things. Sure, it's only on 2% right now, but you are going to click the thumbs up . You only think you might not...

While we're not going to be giving a news post to everything aiming to enter the Kingdom of Gaben, it's also got one of the more entertainingly meta/mental Greenlight pitches we've seen so far and gives me a great opportunity to relink one of the funniest trailers ever. If you don't already know what The Stanley Parable is, good! Don't Google it. Don't ask anyone. Don't let it be spoiled by a comment. Just play a really clever game that's worth it for the Narrator even if you don't care about its message, which packs a sense of humour that more than makes up for any cries of "Bioshock did it first!"

The Stanley Parable Remix HD is coming next year, and I'm looking forward to it. So there.