The Secret World trailer has spiky dogs, evil swamps, haunted houses

There's a lesson in this trailer somewhere, I can feel it. Something to do with not digging up ancient Indian burial grounds? Perhaps. Maybe it's more to do with not building giant creepy houses and leaving them unattended for decades near an swamps full of tentacle monsters? No, I've got it. The lesson is: don't go to Blue Mountain under ANY circumstances. Even if a man with a giant floating "!" mark over his head asks you to because it's full of ghosts and spiky dogs.

The Secret World's mix of mad monsters and modern guns is a pretty appealing and genuinely different place to set an MMO. There will also be lots of proper puzzles in it, some of which will require players to do some research outside of the game. Owen found it intriguing, but a little frustrating when he got his hands on it for our Secret World preview . We'll have more on The Secret World soon.

Tom Senior

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