The Secret World throws free weekend party

Been meaning to check out Funcom's conspiracy-fueled MMO, but nervous about actually paying? This weekend, the truth is both out there and welcoming you in for a celebration of The Secret World's one-month anniversary. Anyone can join in for fireworks, to check out the first major content patch - due out today - and see if they want to spend their spare time fighting for the Illuminati, Templars, or the other one that you're probably not going to choose because they're not Illuminati or Templars.

Check this page for more information and a download link to the game client (get this early - it's big!). Not sure if it's for you? Check out our reviewer's initial findings right here . As for what's in the new patch? That's a secret waiting only for those smart and brave enough to uncover it...


Congratulations! You were smart and brave enough to uncover it. Have an upgraded katana!

The first content update is called Unleashed , with several new missions to complete - most, though not all, on Solomon Island. There's more for Sam Krieg fans, action in Innsmouth Academy, a little ghostbusting on Blue Mountain, and secrets buried under the Egyptian sands. Two dungeons are being fitted with Nightmare Modes to better challenge players. The Marketplace is also going live for you to sell your things and not be so reliant on random drops and The Council of Venice's silly-high prices. You'll also see a few changes to the hub areas as a sign that you're not going to be running past the same scenery every time you head home to conduct faction missions. What will change? Wait and see. Needless to say though, all these updates are free for anyone playing the game.

Incidentally, as an unrelated but awesome aside, Illuminati players should check out this thread on the forums , where one player took a camera down to the real-world inspiration for the New York hub. You may be surprised by just how closely Funcom modelled it, including construction work.