The Second Guest set to creep in this Autumn


If you're a fan of Tim Burton's gothic imagination you might want to keep your eye on the indie scene come October. As reported at RPS , The Second Guest is set to be a five-part episodic point'n'click inspired by the quirky director's art, developed jointly by Twice Effect and Head Up Games. Members of the development team have previously worked on The Whispered World , which means The Second Guest has potential to be a solid adventure. Read on for details and a completely pointless trailer with hilariously bad voice-over.

The game is set in England during 1923, and will see protagonist Jack Ice travel to locales including London and Cornwall in an investigation into the murder of a Lord by a killer that appears to be going serial. There's also some digging into his own dark past. Thankfully it won't be completely morbid, with the developers promising some comedy value. It is after all pretty much mandatory for a point'n'click to have a sense of humour.

Take a look at the trailer if you want the details in animated form.