The rising stars of Twitch's new hot tub category are adorable otters

Three otters in their enclosure
(Image credit: MarineMammalRescue)

In response to weeks of controversy, harassment, and questioning of Twitch guidelines, a new category was launched on the streaming site. The Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category was born to serve as a new home for the influx of people who've taken to streaming from the comfort of an inflatable paddling pool or hot tub. As it turns out, the category also makes a great place for witchers and even a heart-wrenchingly adorable trio of otters.

Vancouver's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre has been streaming on Twitch for a few months now, traditionally in the Travel & Outdoors category (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun). They've swum over into the new category though, with their "THICCEST FUR" seals on the "#1 Cold Tub" stream.

I may have fallen just a little bit in love with these babies, even if they're very much capable of ripping your face off. Watching them vibe on their backs while eating a snack or playing with their toys is a proper soothing sight, and the gentle lapping of the water against the enclosure is the only type of ASMR I'll accept.

As of writing, the otters are currently the third most-viewed channel that's live in the category right now, only beaten out by ExoHydraX and recently-demonetised Amouranth. The stream's been going for a steady 33 hours, and hopefully will continue for many more.

Mollie Taylor
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