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The Races of Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy has an extremely rich history of cultures and races, and although the upcoming MMO, XIV, exists in an entirely separate universe, the races are strikingly similar to those from earlier FF games and other fantasy worlds. Here's a quick breakdown of the 5 playable races and what the character creation page's biographies tell us about each. Note: the bios are all subject to change and are nowhere near complete biographies for the races; Square Enix will obviously be fleshing out more complex relationships for them later on.

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AKA: Humans

  • Diverse cultures
  • Restless travelers
  • A modest physique--the nice way of saying "kind of weaklings"

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AKA: Elves

  • Very religious society
  • Used to be the only race in the realm way-back-when
  • Two different variants that live in different terrains: forest and cave/subterranean
  • Reclusive from global society

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AKA: Gnomes

  • Short, round bodies and pointy ears
  • Very nimble
  • Generally amicable
  • Invested in agriculture

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AKA: Cat-people

  • Almost exclusively females
  • Feline ears and tails, keen smell
  • Live solitary lives of hunting, very territorial instincts

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AKA: Half-giants

  • “Brawny builds and piercing eyes” (think child of Fezzik and Dread Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride )
  • The largest and most rugged race, also has compelling good looks apparently
  • Usually sea-faring, often find work as bodyguards and fishermen