The prize for this Fight Crab tournament is a real crab

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Fight Crab is a game about fighting crabs as a crab. You're not just any crab, however, as your dexterous pincers are capable of wielding all manner of human weaponry, including swords and flails. And if you're very, very good at killing your fellow crabs, you might just be able to win a real one. 

Toyama Gamers Day—taking place in the capital of Japan's Toyana prefecture—is hosting the King Crab tournament (cheers, Kotaku) this weekend, pitting players against each other in crab-on-crab battles for the chance to win an actual crab that they can hold, eat or kiss. It's up to you! 

You're probably thinking, "Yeah, this makes sense. It's a game about crabs, so you can win a crab." Except, Toyama Gamers Day is also hosting a Fortnite tournament where, yes, you can win a crab. According to Kai-You, 100 red snow crabs are up for grabs, along with some supplementary prizes. The crabs are the big prize, though. Who cares what else you can get? 

Toyama is into its seafood, and red snow crabs are apparently a local delicacy, so it all makes sense, I guess. Toyama Gamers Day has been running for a few years now, feeding the best gamers in the area. Other esports tournaments should take note. Esports needs to stop emulating other sports, with their piles of cash and big sponsorship deals, and instead give gamers what they really need: fresh seafood. 

If you've found yourself in the area, the tournament is an open one, though it looks like you'll probably need a Japanese address so your crab can be sent to you. It's first come, first served, with 128 spots open. 

The King Crab tournament will use the Switch version of the game, but if this has made you hungry for the blood of your crustacean enemies, you can also pick Fight Crab up on Steam.

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