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Fight Crab is a game about giant crabs fighting, and it features chainsaws

(Image credit: Nussoft)

When a game is called Fight Crab, you have to sit the hell up and pay attention. And hopefully that's what you're doing right now, because this game, called Fight Crab, which features crabs (giant ones, and enemies to each other), crabs that fight each other, is now available on in Early Access.

"In this far-off world, these crabs were granted ultimate strength and intelligence from the generous gods," so reads the description. "Using their newfound strength and wit, they armed themselves with human weapons of the finest calibre, and took control of the lands. Immortal beings of unrelenting horror, they cannot be killed with swords or even guns."

No, but according to the trailer below, they can definitely be killed by chainsaws. And fish too, apparently. As for that "far-off world", well, it ranges low detail urban landscapes, fantasy dungeons and supermarkets. It's verily the Citizen Kane of games featuring giant enemy crabs.

The Early Access build currently features an impressive 19 species of crab, as well as 41 weapons. More will be added during development, according to developer Nusso.

Check out the trailer:

Shaun Prescott
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