The Papers, Please short film will debut on YouTube this weekend

Movies based on videogames have generally been received about as well as a flaming dog egg through the mailbox, but the upcoming short film based on the 2013 indie hit Papers, Please will hopefully buck that trend. Announced in May 2017 and properly teased last October, the filmmakers announced today on Facebook that it will be released on YouTube on February 24, followed by a Steam debut a few days later. 

The Papers, Please film will be about ten minutes in length, so even without taking the subject matter into account it's obviously isn't going to be a summer blockbuster. But it does look set to capture the relentlessly grim, grinding ambiance of a game about determining who lives and who's destined for other things on the border of a closed communist state. 

That's not necessarily "fun," but it does sound suitably akin to the game, which we described in our 2013 review as a "ticket to emotional manipulation, left brain stimulation, and elegantly-paced virtual paperwork wrapped in clever storytelling." 

If you missed the October trailer when it first rolled around, you can "enjoy" it below. 

Thanks, Shacknews

Andy Chalk

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