The Old Republic opens free server transfers for 7.5% of servers

TOR servers

Are you one of the lucky few that are currently eligible for a server transfer in SWTOR ? The much-requested feature launched this morning for a tiny subset of the game's population, and will continue to be rolled out for more servers over the course of the week, including more coming today.

Only 18 of the game's current 239 servers are currently eligible for transfer as of 9:47 AM PST. This official forum post will be updated whenever new servers are added, so check back regularly.

To help make your transfer as smooth as possible, I've put together a quick checklist of things to do before you transfer.

  • Cancel all your auctions on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Retrieve all of your mail--mail will be deleted.
  • Funnel all the credits and items you want on the new server to the character you're transferring, if you're only transferring one.
  • Contact your in-game friends and find a way to communicate outside TOR--your friends list will be deleted.
  • Think of another name for your character, in case it's already taken on the new server.
  • Find out if your guild is reforming on the destination server--guilds cannot transfer servers together.
  • If you're a guild leader, appoint someone else as guild leader before transferring.
  • If you're a guild leader, take screenshots of your guild bank--you will have to petition GMs to recreate it on the new server.

For more answers, read the official FAQ for server transfers.