The Novelist is a ghost story from the perspective of the ghost

We've been here before. Or have we? A troubled writer and his family travel to an isolated coastal residence so he can get some work done. But the summer home has a secret, namely a spectral being that has the power to change the lives of its houseguests. That's the set-piece for The Novelist , a recently announced indie game from designer Kent Hudson (hat tip, joystiq ).

The apparent twist behind Hudson's in-progress adventure title is the role-reversal that takes place inside a tale of supernatural cohabitation. As the player you assume the role of the ghost and must stay hidden in order to have any impact on the novelist character and his family. Based on information available from Hudson's website and the game's Steam Greenlight page, this doesn't look or feel like territory straight out of the Shining, but suggests something altogether less sinister and more tender.

Since writing is often described as a process similar to getting blood from a stone, I know I would welcome any supernatural assistance I could get. Hudson reports on his website a familiarity with the themes he includes in his game, particularly when it comes to life as an independent game developer: "Can a person follow their dreams while remaining connected to those they love?"

Hudson's resume includes work on Deus Ex: Invisible War and Bioshock 2, and his current project lists a release window of summer 2013. A preorder of the game from Hudson's site will get you a price point of $14.99, a 25 percent discount.