The next Test Drive game will be officially revealed next week

The loss of E3 and other major gaming events as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in a flurry of online showcases in their place, some quite large, elaborate, and equipped with adorable robots, and others on the smaller side. The upcoming Nacon Connect may not be the biggest show the summer will give us, but even so it's going to be worth watching.

Nacon is a relatively new name on the scene, but it's actually been around for nearly four decades: Until earlier this year, it was known as Bigben Interactive, which always struck me as a bit of an odd name for a French studio. Parent company Bigben Group changed the name in February after merging its publishing arm with game accessory company Nacon into a single entity.

Anyway, enough corporate history—back to the point: A new Test Drive game, the first in nearly a decade and the latest in a series that's almost 40 years old, will appear during the show. Its existence was actually revealed in March, although with no details (including a full title) except that it's being developed by French studio Kylotonn, the studio behind the WRC racing series.

Nacon Connect will also feature an announcement of the next game from RPG studio Spiders, the developer of Greedfall, and based on the teaser I think we can expect a few more reveals too. Nacon Connect is set to take place at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on July 7, and will be viewable on YouTube and Twitch.

Andy Chalk

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