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The next Rainbow Six Siege update will fix some annoying exploits

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A new Rainbow Six Siege patch (opens in new tab) deploying sometime this week fixes two abnormal bugs that have vexed players since the release of Operation Grim Sky last month: a bug that would make a player completely invisible and an exploit on the Oregon map. What’s missing from the Y3S3 1.2 patch, however, are any balancing changes to operators.

The invisibility bug has slowly spread throughout the community in the past month, but has never reached the critical mass of other troublesome exploits, like the terrifying Blitz hipfire fiasco or Jager’s deployable shield helmet. The invisibility bug is often caused by accident, as I witnessed for myself in a match last week, but could be employed by the impure of heart.

The exploit on the Oregon map allows players to clip inside of a washing machine in the laundry room and enjoy a clean layer of invincibility from within. Exploiters can also shoot from inside the machine, which is the cherry on top of the whole mess. Nonetheless, Ubisoft says these issues will be fixed in the upcoming patch.

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One other long-running exploit is finally being plugged by Ubi. Defenders will no longer be able to place a deployable shield perpendicular to a window to prevent outside attackers from vaulting in. “Trying to do so will result in deploying the shield forward or backward depending on the player position, in a way that will always leave enough room for vaulting or rappelling in,” reads the blog post. This fix is long overdue, considering there’s no balancing reason that justifies blocking access to a window.

The balancing changes currently being tested on the Technical Test Server, mostly concerning Clash and the weapon swap time between her shield and weapon, will not be making it into this patch. Ubi explained this decision in the post, citing back-end changes that needed to go live in this patch before the balancing changes were out of the testing phase. However, one bug fix listed in the patch does nerf Clash quite a bit. She can no longer “instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un–equipping her shield.” Many had assumed this was working as intended, but I’m glad to see it was a bug.

Ubi didn’t give any time frame for when the operator balance changes would be making it into the game, but anyone wanting to check them out can always download the Technical Test Server. For the full patch notes, see below.


Fixed – Deployable shields placed perpendicular to a window prevent vaulting.

Fixed – The operator is invisible when players load into game.

Fixed – Pistols have their reticle misaligned with the center of the screen while shooting.

Fixed – No toggle for Montagne and Pulse special abilities (now comes with toggle).

Fixed – Cannot access Bulletproof Camera by pressing the secondary gadget button while prone.

Fixed – While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield.

Fixed – The Stun Grenade VFX can be cancelled under certain conditions.

Fixed – The squad leader remains alone in a match after one squad member leaves when the leader starts the match.

Fixed – Latency, micro stutters and graphical issues after playing multiple matches and maps in the same Custom game session.

Fixed – End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment.


Fixed – Valkyrie Black Eye can see through the ceiling when placed on in a spot on 2F Bank.

Fixed – Spot in 1F Tellers Office allows Valkyrie’s Black Eye to see the corridor and staircase.

Fixed – Spot in 1F Archives allows throwable gadgets to reach 2F Skylight Stairwell.


Fixed – Attacker drones can see through the ceiling underneath 1F Lobby and Bar.

Fixed – Drone has no collision with the terrace edge from West Front Yard.

Fixed – Ranked Match Action phase lasts for 4 minutes on Hereford Base.

Fixed – Equipping a shield drops the fps by 10–20 on Hereford Base.

Fixed – Unstable FPS in Hereford Base.

Fixed – Maestro's gadget is vulnerable by breaking cosmetic destruction, Small pinstripe carpets across the map.

Fixed – Players can hide under a desk in 1F Prep Area.

Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after being dropped between the wall and the ammo box in 1F Garage.

Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after being dropped between the wooden planks located in EXT Barnyard.

Fixed – Thatcher's EMP grenade does not turn off the faux volumetric glow from the ceiling lights in EXT Barn.

Fixed – Small gap in 2F bathroom ceiling on Hereford base rework.

Fixed – Players can clip inside a wall using a deployable shield at 2F Workshop.

Fixed – Players cannot pick up armor plates if the armor bag is deployed on a kettle in 3F Cigar Lounge.

Fixed – Operators can get stuck inside a pile of boxes in 1F Office.

Fixed – Player can vault inside the washing machine on Oregon.


Fixed – If Buck mounts Tachanka's LMG Turret with the Skeleton Key on and leaves it, no interaction can be made with the turret afterwards.
Fixed – Clash can instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un–equipping her shield.
Fixed – Clash is not able to use Observation Tools while her CCE shield is extended.
Fixed – Instead of disappearing when Echo’s Yokai hover drone is disabled, the "Jump" button appears greyed out.
Fixed – If a disabled Yokai hover drone is picked up and re–deployed, it will still be in the disabled state when redeployed.
Fixed – Finka’s Spear308's damage falloff over distance is too high.
Fixed – Maverick’s blowtorch makes no sound on the first use on a wall.
Fixed – Blowtorch SFX persists after Maverick is killed while using it.
Fixed – Black Mirror can be destroyed from the other side of a reinforced wall.
Fixed – Mira can place her Mirror under another destroyed Black Mirror.

Fixed – Clipping issue on Lion's uniforms.
Fixed – Hibana's face appears washed off when equipped with the Yurei headgear.
Fixed – Holding down both gadget buttons and releasing them in a certain order switches away from Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor.
Fixed – The Chalkboard uniform for Hibana does not appear properly while in First Person.
Fixed – Blitz's arm is delayed when leaning, causing clipping issues with shield.
Fixed – The observation tool icon is missing from the select spawn location screen for attackers in preparation phase in Ranked.

Fixed – A second "Gold Lion Chibi" will float next to the weapon it is attached to.
Fixed – Equipping a country flag charm on the SPSMG9 will also apply on Clash’s CCE shield.
Fixed – Chibi charms are not properly placed on Clash's CCE Shield in load out.
Fixed – Multiple charms are clipping through Blitz's and Clash's shields.
Fixed – Charms equipped on Clash's shield are not visible in 3rd person view.

Fixed – When Joining in Progress during a ban reveal, players will always see the blue smoke.
Fixed – Joining in Progress with previously selected operator does not update teammates blocked operators.
Fixed – During the ready screen, the sizes of the operator's cards are not consistent.
Fixed – The "Change floor" button is missing in the tactical map.
Fixed – The bullet point that indicates the currently voted OP disappears after changing display mode. 

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