The next Battlefield will reportedly be called Battlefield 2042

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The next Battlefield game will take us to the far-flung future of "21 years from now", if rumours of a potential Battlefield 2042 are true.

Filling in the middle ground between series debut 1942 and the mech-filled warzones of 2142, the next Battlefield will supposedly take us into the near-future when it's announced later this week. This tracks with the many, many leaks we've seen of the game so far, with footage showing us slightly-futuristic gunships and war robots battling across tropical beaches.

The namedrop comes thanks to a Redditor citing details shared by "some random dude who dropped it in the [dataminer Tom Henderson] Discord Server". The leak suggests 2042 will have the "biggest maps in Battlefield history", formed of "Sectors" each sized at around the scale of a Battlefield 3 map. These sectors contain multiple points, and cannot be reclaimed once secured.

Teams will be able to take one hero-style "Professional" per class, coming with an extra gadget or two to enhance their role (the post suggests a Medic with healing darts that can heal from a distance). A revamped attachments system also gives you two slots to swap in and out on the fly.

The leak also suggests that a beta is incoming later this month, following a private testing session for big content creators & streamers. Of course, we won't have to wait that long to find out if any of this is true—EA plans to reveal its next Battlefield game this Wednesday, June 9th.

Personally, I don't think 20 years in the future is nearly far enough. Add another century to that date, Dice, and stop holding back from giving us the Battlefield 2142 successor we deserve

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