The new SnowRunner trailer is very emotional

When I think of SnowRunner, I think of a gruelling sim about getting large vehicles through difficult terrain. I imagine this activity to be meditative, exacting, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately satisfying. One thing I do not expect of SnowRunner—or any other Spintires game, for that matter—is for it to make me want to cry. (For the record it didn't make me cry, but I think it tried). 

The new trailer embedded above is pretty obviously a parody, or tribute, to Death Stranding, which is fitting, because that's a game about navigating hostile environments, too. A cursory glance at social media suggests that other people have cried watching this trailer, though maybe they're being sarcastic. It's impossible to tell, words no longer mean anything.

SnowRunner releases on April 28 on the Epic Games Store. For more insight on what the game has to offer, Andy has summed up the bullet points here

Shaun Prescott

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