The Medium is getting a TV series with The Witcher's executive producer

A screenshot of The Medium.
(Image credit: Bloober Team)

More and more videogames are getting their moment on the silver screen and somehow, Bloober Team's critically dividing The Medium is next up on the list.

Yep, that 2021 horror game is being adapted into a television series, the developer announced today. In a machine-translated announcement, Bloober Team said it has signed a contract with Platige Image, a Polish VFX studio. It's had a hand in various short films and advertisements, but also produced a slew of cinematics across CD Projekt Red's library. Those were directed by Tomasz Bagiński, who also served as executive producer on the first season of Netflix's The Witcher as well as The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. He, along with The Medium writer Piotr Babieno are said to be at the helm of the project.

"Both the film industry and the videogame industry are close to my heart and I am very happy that there is finally an opportunity to bring them together," Babieno said in the announcement. "The story we told in the game was appreciated by players, and now more people will be able to hear about it." He also gives a mention to some adaptations that have found immense success recently, like League of Legend's Arcane series and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. "Participation in the creative supervision of such an important figure in Polish cinematography as Tomasz Bagiński proves that we want to create something truly amazing. The whole team working on the concept of the series felt they were working on something special, we hope that this enthusiasm will be visible in the quality of the series."

In fairness, it seems like a strong team to tackle The Medium and turn it into a respectable adaptation. Despite mixed reviews at launch (including Leana Hafer's very favourable review for PC Gamer), Bloober Team managed to recoup its entire development and marketing costs in just a few days. It was the biggest launch ever for the developer, who also released Observer, Blair Witch and the Layers of Fear games. As Babieno mentioned too, TV show adaptations of videogames are having their time in the spotlight, though not all of them have been certified hits. Looking at you, Netflix's Resident Evil

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